What are DaruNoDaru?
Darus have been observing humans for a very long time. Tiny spirits living in tiny paper bodies, in shrines, gift shops, in human homes. They´ve seen humans make wishes with them for decades. 

Lately the darus have become restless, they want to do more than be the vehicle for a wish. They want to help humans reach their dreams. 
They've escaped their paper bodies and now float around aimlessly. 

They noticed that the humans always carry a thin illuminated box with them. It looks like a miraculous box to the darus, they want to get in the shiny box and help their friendly humans..

What's the DaruNoDaru roadmap?
We aim to create a lot of new collections & arts inspired by japanese Pop/Retro culture to grow the community & reward them while keeping it fun and colorful 🙂

Here are our goals following our first sold out drop:
💎  Community (build a solid community on Discord)
🕹  App Project (beginning stages)
🗼  Communication (develop the brand & the concept, invest more in social networks) 
🤝  Partnerships (meet brands, artists, devs, craftsmens, etc.)
🍾  Giveaways (gifts for the community)
💌  Charities (we aim to help mental health focused charities but open to suggestions! )
Of course, we wish to collaborate and have fun with our community!
We have many more exciting ideas & surprises planned but we need to wait for the next steps (spoiler alert) :
- New platform,
- Giveaways (again and again),
- Arts contest,
- Special Editions, 
- Meeting & events, 
... The best is yet to come !

Who is the DaruNoDaru team?
For the moment, we're only 2 people (& we're waiting for you)

How are DaruNoDaru made?
They are designed by Our one and only Daru-Master. He uses years of passion for japan visual culture & his many many years of curating his own style to offer us such a variety of little oddballs.
What can I do with my DaruNoDaru?
All DaruNoDaru NFTs are PFP, the holders are non-exclusive licensees. This means you have full non-exclusive commercial right to use/monetize your DaruNoDaru however you see fit. "Non-exclusive" means that DarunoDaru also has the right to use your Daruma in things such as marketing, merchandising, games and more.

Where can I contact you?
You can contact us on Twitter for the moment.
The next step is to create an active Discord for the community.
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