Darus have been observing humans for a very long time. Tiny spirits living in tiny paper bodies, in shrines, gift shops, in human homes. 
They´ve seen humans make wishes with them for decades. 
Lately the darus have become restless, they want to do more than be the vehicle for a wish. They want to help humans reach their dreams.
They've escaped their paper bodies and now float around aimlessly. 
They noticed that the humans always carry a thin illuminated box with them. It looks like a miraculous box to the darus, they want to get in the shiny box and help their friendly humans.

The first Daru collection will be FreeMint
Drop the 30th March at 4pm (utc) 
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Our Project
We want to create an app reminiscent of the tiny portable animals we used to carry around as children. Our goal at that time was to bring happiness to that tiny animal. Now, with darunodaru, it will give back just as much!
The daru will ultimately become your pocket supportive friend, high in colours, cute and friendly!
 Earlier & longer you hold onto your DaruNoDaru, the more special rewards & perks you will unlock.​​​​​​​
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